When I started Rituals Aesthetic Skin Care in 2000, I knew I wanted to be in an industry that produced real results for people I cared deeply about. I have been in fashion and makeup for over 30 years and made a conscious decision to enter the Skin Care business because I knew I could make a difference in people's lives.

Rituals is a boutique salon providing excellent care specific to each individual. Extreme sensitivity is a requirement to insure that every client receives the special treatment they deserve. It is most important that each client feels they are the center of attention and receives professional treatment, making them feel they have received the best service possible. Rituals Anti-Aging techniques are unparalleled; Rituals provides the latest technological services available, including: LED Therapy, Microcurrent, Dermafiling, Oncology Aesthetics, and the European Infrared Slimming Wrap

We encourage you to take time to review the Rituals Web-Site. We have provided information that will help you to understand how Rituals can help with Anti-Aging, Skin Treatments, Make Up and Waxing, along with many other services. Please do not forget to check out our clients testimonials. Our clients are primarily referral based and we take great pride in that.

Make it a great day!
Gina Barron


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